Monday, October 18, 2010

Payback Is A Bitch

Spying her dearly beloved's eyes trained on a passing posterior, a fair lady reacted with righteous indignation.

" How dare you ogle another in my presence?" she exclaimed with barely suppressed annoyance.
"Don't deny it" She snapped as her guilty partner opened his mouth to defend the rogue eyeballs, "...I just saw you leching at that woman out of the corners of your eyes.....Seriously, what is wrong with you men???"

From the depths of his mind, he dredged up an age-old martian platitude to launch his counter-offensive "There is nothing wrong with us. We are men. And, we are wired to look. What is the harm in looking? It isn't that I am cheating on you...I am just looking"

Attack, they say, is the best form of defence.
But, not when one has pledged his body, mind and soul to a watchful virago.

"Just looking?......Just looking???"
Her lilting voice was now pitched to lethal sonority.
"You don't think it is offensive for me stand by your side and watch you ogling shamelessly at every woman we pass?? How would you feel if I leered at every pair of pants that came our way? "

" Stop yelling...You know women are different that way. Why ARE YOU making a fuss over nothing? I told you, looking does not mean cheating...Just what is IT with you women??? "

" There is nothing wrong with us women. We are women and we are wired to react when we are hurt. You look, I react...Live with it!!!"

Payback is a bitch, huh??
:) :)


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