Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speak Up!

The Power of Sound.
T'is the one secret that cats know well.
And, men not at all.

It doesn't matter if you go through your entire life knowing just one word, or a single syllable.
As long as you SPEAK UP!

You can cajole responses with short, sweet chirps that roll fluidly off your tongue
Stretch nerves to a frazzle with high pitched trebles, to get yourself the attention you want

Growl a fierce hssssst to warn off offenders...
Or, to lash out, if need be

Send chills down the spine with blood curling shrieks

Warble in happiness for the sheer joy of living
And, caress the ones you love with your gentle crooning.

After all, it isn't the number of words you know that matters. 
It is, what you choose to say, that makes the difference. 

So, Speak Up!


  1. Good one. I guess you are planning to start a series of Ging's Lessons. Looking forward for more :)

  2. Actually, I just removed that foot note... Made no sense since the post bears the same label..